Calemazoo is a platform that synchronizes with your iCal and google calendar. You can view and schedule meetings with your friends instantly.


Calemazoo is a free time management app that allows for you and your friends to share schedules. It is a productivity application that allows users to sync all your other calendars together and share your schedules with your friends


UX & UI Design with Calemazoo

As a UX designer and product manager for Calemazoo, I am responsible for the whole development of all the applications. The team and I are defining a new experience and exploring future features sets for the new time management and scheduling system.

My work on this project was ideation and team management heavy. I am working closely with engineers, designers, and executives teams to redefine the whole time management experience

Other skills also stood out as assets in this work:

  • persona development
  • user journey
  • sketching
  • user flow
  • wireframing
  • precedent research
  • collaborating and communicating concepts to core design team
  • creating release notes and product brief

Personas + User Journey

The objective of our personas and user journeys is to confirm with our target audience and identify their needs. This exercise has helped us identified a lot of potential features that will be coming out after the first launch.







Working in Progress

Our Android, iOS, and Web Application is still currently in development.
Please feel free to contact me if you want to be part of our beta members.

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