Canvas Clock

A minimalistic clock that embodies the essence of analog and digital clocks.


Canvas clock is a digital clock that is programmed by a micro-controller to work like an analog clock. This design is integrates the elements of both digital and analog clocks together, while creating a sense of ambiguity with the use of canvas and LEDs.


Product Design for Canvas Clock

As a product designer I was primarily responsible for ideating and prototyping ideas to bring concept to fruition. I collaborated with a team of interaction designers to explore the possibilities of designing a minimalistic clock by reducing the inessentials.

My responsibilities included:

  • sketching
  • prototyping
  • 3D modeling + 3D printing ( SolidWorks )
  • laser cutting ( CorelDraw )
  • creating visual assets for documentation

" Design the next minimalistic clock in 3 weeks "


My work was ideation heavy and we explored many different types of clock. We explored various forms, materials, and mechanics to craft a clock that feels like an unibody design.


One of the challenges we want to overcome is to create a clean interface that embodies the essence of both the digital and analog clocks.

"Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible"

- Dieter Rams

Back to Purity, back to Simplicity.

By deconstructing the principles of digital and analog clocks, we focused on the basics and designed a digital analog clock as a symbol to remind us that innovations and improvements can be made even on one of the oldest human inventions.


Final Product

By using canvas as the surface of the clock, we were able to replace the hour and minute needles by creating a soft glow effect by placing the LEDs behind the canvas.

canvas clock

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