Mobile Fashion

The best way to shop with your mobile fashion catalogue.


Mobile shopping app is a combination of fashion magazines and online shopping. Users can flip through the mobile app like a magazine and they can also purchase the clothes they see in the app.


Interaction Designer for Mobile Fashion

As an interaction designer for this application, i collaborated with few other designers to design a simple, playful, seamless product experience. I led brainstorm sessions and workshops to ensure that the design is coherent, cohesive, and satisfies user needs and goals.

Some of my responsibilities also include:

  • Research (heuristic evaluation)
  • Wireframing
  • UI design
  • Prototyping

Heuristics Evaluation

In order to design an intuitive experience for our uses, we performed competitive analysis and user testing of existing products in the same. We identified many usability problems, navigation and interaction patterns, so we compiled them into a list for future reference.

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User Flow

The challenge of designing the flows of the fashion mobile app is to create an seamless experience of browsing through a fashion catalogue for our users without feeling pressured to purchase items on the app.


"In usability testing, users glean product details from images, including details that aren’t covered in the product description."

Ecommerce UX Trends: User Research Update | Report by Nielsen Norman Group


In order to mimic the experience of flipping through a catalogue, we designed the wireframes with a minimalistic approach. Our decisions on using large images to fill up most of the mobile real-estate had steered us in the direction of exploring new options of using traditional buttons.


A potential issue of changing the traditional buttons is reducing the overall visual affordance so we had to minimize all possible misclicks by using the tile system like Microsoft's metro design.

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