nTrust iOS Application

nTrust iOS application is an alternative mobile solution for iOS nTrust members to move money globally.


nTrust is a global peer-to-peer money transfer platform helping to close the gap between the banked and unbanked. With an nTrust account, members can freely access their money to exchange currencies, shop at retail and online shops, pay employees or withdraw from 1.7 million ATMs worldwide.


UX & UI Design with nTrust iOS team

I joined nTrust in 2013 to work with the design team to create new experiences and explore future features sets for the cloud financial service industry. After designing the nTrust responsive web application, I quickly joined the iOS team to define and design the unique nTrust iOS experience.

My work on this project was ideation heavy, working closely with multidisciplinary teams to reduce frictions between users and the navigation system

Other skills also stood out as assets in this work:

  • user flow
  • wireframing
  • precedent research
  • communicating concepts to core design team
  • creating visual assets for documentation
  • creating release notes and product brief


**Please note that these final products might be different than the current applications


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