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A digital coupon book packed with exclusive discounts for dining, hotels, travel, attractions, and more.


Save Everyday is an online coupon book that offers savings for its members. Save over $11,060 at 553 businesses in Vancouver for only $20. Enjoy exclusive up to 50% off savings at restaurants, shops, services, attractions & more!


UX/UI Design with Save Everyday

I joined Save Everyday in 2013 and collaborated with the co-founders and the brand strategist to create an intuitive system and consistent interactions.

Collaborating with senior leaders to transform business goals and requirements into applications

Designing user flows, wireframes, and interfaces for all of their applications ( iOS, Responsive Web Application )

My work involved:

  • designing task flows
  • prototyping (arduino, processing)
  • sketching
  • creating product brief and release notes


Main Priorities

- Attract potential users to become a Save Everyday member
- Design an intuitive navigation system
- Promote Save Everyday through its application
- Create a responsive web application for that supports multiple devices and easier to manage

"What matters the most for checkout experience isn’t the number of steps in a checkout process, but rather what the customer has to do at each step."

The State of E-Commerce Checkout Design 2012 | Smashing Magazine nTrust

Rather than just reducing the number of steps for each screen, we focused on redefining what is important, minimizing frictions, cognitive load, and sign-up dropouts. We explored new possibilities of inputing information and navigating the application

A minimalistic design that focuses on functions without reducing the affordance of the navigation systems

"Signing up for an account means more steps and form fields to complete during checkout
— essentially taking longer to complete."



Taking visual direction from iOS7, we came up with a minimalistic design that focuses purely on functions without reducing the affordance of the navigation systems

nTrust **Please note that these final products might be different than the current applications

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