Jetpack Penguin

Join our fellow penguins on their quest to save the princess on your mobile phone.
Suit up with a wide selection of jetpacks and help our warriors stay alive on their epic adventure.


Jetpack Penguin is a mobile game that tests your reflex. You can choose different penguins and jetpacks with unique abilities to overcome obstacles in the game. Start collecting coins and power ups throughout the game to unlock new abilities and compete with your friends.


Interaction Design with Klover Development

As an Interaction Designer I primarily focus on ideating and crafting new interactions, exploring new gamification techniques, and finding innovations within digital environments to solve complex problems.

My work on this project was ideation heavy, working closely with other designers and developers to find the balance of reducing frictions in the gameplay.

Other skills also stood out as assets in this work:

  • wireframing
  • creating ui mockups
  • conducting user research
  • creating game documents and product brief
  • creating competitors analysis and heuristic evaluation

Character + Environment Design

The character designer and I worked closely together to explore different styles and designs for our characters and environment. Since we are targeting casual mobile gamers, our aim is to design a clean and cheerful environment with simple shapes so our players can focus more the simple gameplay.

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This is a mobile game on Android platform. Users can choose different penguins to play the game. Each penguin equips with a jetpack, which enables the penguin to have a unique skill to overcome obstacles in the game. Users collect coins and power ups throughout the game to make penguins stronger. The game is still in progress.

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Working in Progress: Beta

Jetpack Penguin is currently in beta, please contact me if you wish to give the game a try


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