Smart TV Proposal

A concept to push the limit of current Smart TV entertainment experience.


This smart TV concept is to address and resolve some of the problems for the current smart TV systems. Our challenge is to explore and design an intuitive TV navigation system that allows users to fully enjoy their favourite shows while talking to their friends and browsing through channels or event websites quickly.


User Experience Design for Smart TV

Initially my role as a user experience designer for this project is to identify some of the most problematic issues users might encounter when they are navigation through the current Smart TV systems.

After the team and I identified some of the problems through user research and competitors analysis, I collaborated with other interaction designers and UI designers to brainstorm and explore potential ways to push the envelope and enhance the navigation experience of smart TV through interface and other platforms based on existing technology.

My Roles:

  • Research
  • Project Direction
  • Sketches
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • User flows

Problems with Current Smart TVs:

Poor input interactions

Terrible navigation

Overwhelming context

Input field improvements:

Smart TVs specs and features continue to grow exponentially but remote controls are often ignore. We explored new possibilities and alternatives to reinvent the traditional remote controller. Users are used to a piece of technology that has not been improved (adding additional buttons does not count) since remote controller came out in 1956.



Smart TV remote control

The smart remote controller can navigate high/low density information easily by switching into different modes.

3 different navigation modes:

  • browsing/ navigating
  • input
  • PVP

Navigation + Context Improvements

Smart TV's information architecture noticeably differs from on other devices due to the nature of remote controls and tv's screen size.


bigger screen does not mean putting more elements on the screen.

core flows and design features need to work using just 5 controls: up, down, left, right and go.

Mobile Phone Remote Control

Since smart TVs are always connecting to wifi, using smart phones as controllers allow multiple users to browse through different shows and movies at the same time.

Additional advantages include:

  • View information and navigation on the same device
  • A different way to pick your favorite shows
  • Remote control free
  • Easier way to search for information

Final Concept


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