A self-serve Point-of-Sale system target to enhance user experience by enhancing the speed of service.


POS concept is designed to increase traffic by reducing the time it takes to order food in fast food restaurants or coffee shops. Our focus is to design a very affordable system that can enhance the customer’s experience and ROI.

"For most fast-casual restaurants, speed of service is a critical part of business and a key driver in creating satisfied customers."

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Competitors Analysis

We looked at various fast food restaurants to identify the strengths and weaknesses for each company. By pinpointing some of the choke points for these companies, we aimed to design a better experience by addressing some of the issues with our design.

nTrust Market Force Survey Reveals Five Guys is Favorite Quick-Service Restaurant for Second Straight Year | RestaurantNews.com:

User Flow

We designed the self serve POS system by minimizing the learning curve and reducing interaction choices for new users. We explored multiple ways of creating linear flows that will limit users to spend time to explore with the app which increases the efficiency for each transaction.



Since the self-serve POS has to be fast and self explanatory, we focused on using more visuals and images for the interface because this requires less cognitive load, and it also helps people with limited language proficiency.


Final Concept

By creating a self serve POS, customers will be able to order and receive their food faster while merchants can increase ROI and keep all their customers happy.



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